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ekShiksha Initiative
every child deserves an opportunity to be an Einstein
India --> One Nation --> One Gyan
One World --> One Gyan
  • For majority of school children in developing countries, Gyan access is in local language.
  • Technical Gyan is the same irrespective of language.
  • For technical subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences), it is desirable that a single high quality Gyan delivery system is available for all children.

Gift to future young generation
A gift by today's young generation to future young generation with experience and guidance from the youth of yesteryear. Our Team Avinash Awate  |   Rajani Kant Jangir  |   Abinaya Venkatesan  |   Archis Awate  |   Aruna Adil  |   Ashay Awate Contributors Aastikta Sharma  |   Abhinav Gupta  |   Abhinav Anand  |   Abhishek Prasad  |   Ajay Anand  |   Akash Priyadarshi  |   Aman Kansal  |   Amit Bhatti  |   Anirban Mukherjee  |   Anjaly Suresh  |   Ankur Bhardwaj  |   Anshul Vaid  |   Aviral Nigam  |   Basav Singh  |   Bipul Kumar Agarwal  |   Deepika Srivastava  |   Dinesh Rajaram Remje  |   Divya Shree  |   Faizan Ali  |   Gagan Khanijau  |   Gaurav Sood  |   Gurleen Kaur  |   Gyanesh Kumar Mahana  |   Harsh Jhamtani  |   Harsh Agarwal  |   Harsha Vardhan Gudivada  |   Harshit Aggarwal  |   Ingit Arora  |   Kanik Gupta  |   Krattika Mishra  |   Manisha Choudhury  |   Mayank Paliwal  |   Mayur Rao  |   Namita Prawal  |   Naveenkumar Chittipolu  |   Neeha Reddy  |   Nitasha Anusvi  |   Nivedita Venkatapathy  |   Pankaj Jangir  |   Pawan Deshmukh  |   Piyush Tiwari  |   Pooja Upadhyay  |   Prajyot Sadashiv Varik  |   Pranjal Bhown  |   Pranjali Debnath  |   Prashant Mishra  |   Prashant Sharma  |   Rabart Kurrey  |   Rahul Mishra  |   Rajat Dubey  |   Rajat Sunil Shah  |   Rajeev Kumar  |   Ravichandran Aditya  |   Rishab Raj Rastogi  |   Rohit Upadhyaya  |   Sahil Kumar  |   Sanjoli Agarwal  |   Sanket Mehta  |   Satya Prakash  |   Saurabh Jain  |   Shiladitya Mandal  |   Shivakumar Kanneboina  |   Shraddha Nayak  |   Sivaramakrishna Kuntamukkala  |   Soumya Ghosh  |   Srividhya Venugopalan  |   Swaroopa Kadam  |   Tanushree Bhattacharya  |   Tushar Tiwari  |   Vamsi Yadav Chavali  |   Vasini Chandrasekaran  |   Vighnesh Birodkar  |   Vikram Verma  |   Vishal Gadewar  |   Zeel Paragkumar Shah
Bringing to life content prepared by the best minds (NCERT textbooks) with interactive exercises and experiments.
Any school/institution can register with us and download content for distribution to their students through their own labs provided they agree to provide us valuable feedback.
All students can access the content absolutely free of cost.
Please support us by spreading the word amongst school children
Our success can only be measured by the number of children we reach and the difference we bring in their education.
Experts on education
Our current education system isn’t broken – it is perfectly engineered and working well - it is just irrelevant?” Dr. Sugata Mitra of hole in the wall fame
Each child learns differently and at different speeds. Yet we insist on herding students with different needs in a classroom and ‘teach’ them in same manner and at same speed. We continue to teach topics without ascertaining if prerequisites are understood. At the end of the year, we pat ourselves if the child has learnt 35% of the subject” Clayton Christensen in Disrupting Class
embrace technology as a means to improve deep conceptual understanding and to make quality, relevant education far more portable …. Give students more independence and control, allowing them to claim true ownership of their education” Salman Khan of Khan Academy
do not use compulsion, but let early education be rather a sort of amusement; this will enable you to find the natural bent of the child” Plato
Reach the needy
Most of the government schools in India use local language as medium of instruction. All content we create will be translatable. We expect government and/or volunteers to translate content (online) in local languages for hosting on the internet.
Our response
Try it out : each concept illustrated with video/interactive experiment/practice problems
Test it out : each concept accompanied with (software generated) learning quiz wherever possible
Our ultimate goal
To provide a ready to deploy methodology for companies and philanthropists to directly benefit the students in a measurable manner.
We believe that government alone cannot meet the needs of 400 million children under the age of 18 and we need a concerted public/private initiative to provide a glimmer of hope to millions of underprivileged children.
Our gratitude to
Government of India/National Council of Education Research and Training : for allowing free download of the excellent content.
Google : for making their translation facilities free to use.
Today's youth : for contributing priceless software.
Dr. D. B. Phatak : for inspiring us through his tireless efforts in spreading quality engineering education and for turning a blind eye to our use of computing and other resources

Avinash Awate

May 2013

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