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Time Goes On

7. Time Goes On

Ulta Pulta Time - This is a story with topsy turvy time.

As the sun setsSumana wakes. up. What a lovely evening!. She washes her face fast in 2 hoursand runs out. She goes straight to the bird's nest. She has been watching the eggs for the last few months. She was waiting for the baby birds to come out. But before she can blink her eyes, in a Week a cat jumps on to the tree. The mother bird cries loudly and Sumana rushes to shoo away the cat. As the cat jumps, it hits the big green mango. Dhum! ...

... In two daysit is on the ground ! Oh, how sad! The mango is still not fully ripe. It needed one more yearto become sweet. Suddenly Sumana's sister calls out — Are you still not hungry? Has your stomach clock gone to sleep? Come and eat hot upma for dinner.

Wasn't that funny? You must have guessed that the coloured words are wrong. Choose the correct word from the box given below and write it next to the wrong word.









How Long does it Take?

Have you seen someone knitting a sweater? Or someone weaving a cloth? Do try to find out from a potter how long it takes to make a pot. Also tell us if you take hours or minutes to have your bath! (Is it years since you last had a bath? Ha, ha!) Think of many different things that can take different times. Make your table as long as you can.

Think of some other things, some faster and some slower. Make a long list.

Take seconds

To blink my eyes      To snap my fingers      To gulp my medicine

for fruit to fall from tree                                                                                                     

Clap! Clap! — Before you Catch

Play this game

Throw a stone into the air. Clap once before you catch it. Now try to clap 2 times before the catch.

Now try to clap 2 times before the catch.
Try more claps. How many times can you clap before you catch the stone?

Ta Thai — Different Claps

Clap 2 times and say 1 2
Keep clapping 1 2, 1 2, 1 2, ........ or say Ta Thai, Ta Thai, Ta Thai, ........
Also stamp your feet Left Right, Left Right, Left Right,.....
Now clap with three beats 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, .......Say: Ta Thai Tut, Ta Thai Tut, Ta Thai Tut, .......
Can you stamp your feet Left Right Left, Left Right Left, ......How many of you can speak and stamp at the same time?

Find out

Have you heard people playing a tabla or the drums? Find out a few different beats they play. Also ask what 'bols' they say for the beats they play.

How Old are We?


Irfan's mother is twice as old as him. She is also 20 years older than him. Guess the ages of Irfan and his mother

Birth Certificate

Look at the birth certificate of Bincy.

  • 2/5/2002 shows that Bincy was born on 2 ,in the year 2002.

  • How old will Bincy be on 2 May 2008?

  • How old will she be in the year 2052?

  • On what date will she be eight years old? Write in numbers .

  • How many months old was Bincy on 2 August 2002?

  • How many years old is Bincy now?

  • After how many months of her birth was the certificate issued?

  • What is the registration number of her certificate?

Find Out

When were you born?-----------
Write your date of birth in numbers.---------------

Do you have a birth certificate? Ask your parents and make one for yourself.


Let us look at the calendar for the year 2006.

  • How many months does a year have?

  • List the months which have 30 days.-------------------------------------------------------------

  • List the months which have 31 days.------------------------------------------------------------

  • How many days does the month of February have?

  • How many days makes a week?

  • How many weeks are there in July? Is it true for all the months?

  • In which month did you come to Class III?

  • Make a circle on these dates in the calendar:

  • 26th January
    14th November
    31st December.

    Is there something special about these dates?

Fill in the blanks with the correct year:







  • Which year was it two years back?-------------

  • In which year were you in Class II?-------------

  • Which year will be the next year?----------------

  • Which year will come after 3 years?-------------

This chapter encourages children to look at different cultural contexts in which the idea of elapsed time occurs in their lives. It is more important for them to be able to develop an intuitive estimate of seconds, minutes, months etc. than to actually measure. The chapter also helps them to understand the use of a clock and calendar through interesting exercises. Teachers could create more such exercises related to number patterns and symmetries.

Which Festival comes First?

Given below are some festivals we celebrate during the year. Look at the calendar (2006) to find the days on which these fall.

  • Arrange the festivals in the order in which they come in the year.











  • Which festival comes in the beginning of the year?

  • Which festival comes at the end of the year?

Calendar Magic

Here is the calendar for the month of February 2007.
Let us mark a square on the calendar and see some magic.

Which is the number in the centre of the square? .

Join three numbers by drawing a line. The line must pass through the number at the centre.

Add the three numbers on each of these lines.
What do you notice?

 5 + 13 + 21 =

 6 + 13 + 20 =

19 + 13 + 7 =

12 + 13 + 14 =

  • Now look at the calendar of 2006. Also look for the present month and draw any similar square in your notebook. Does the magic work for these?

  • Is this magic possible on a 10 × 10 number chart? Go to the chapter 'Fun with Numbers' and check.

More Magic

See if this magic works for other lines which have five numbers. What about five numbers on a slanting line? Try this trick with your family and friends. Can you find other magic patterns in the calendar?

Complete the Calendar for August 2006

Colour all the Sundays in red.

On which day does this month end?

Write the number of days in this month.

What day is it on 13th August?

What is the date on the second Saturday?

Is the 21st a Sunday?

What is the day on the 29th? What will be the date on the same day next week?

How many Thursdays are there in this month?

Find Out!

Which months in the calendar (2006) have 5 Sundays?
Is there any other day in any month which comes 5 times?
Can there be 6 Sundays in a month? Why?

Ask such questions for the current month and also other months. Encourage students to discover more patterns through a calendar.

The True Story of Pedki Devi

My Time Line
My name is Pedki Devi. I live in a village in Dhanbad district (Jharkhand). I never got a chance to go to school. I remember that when I was 5 years old I broke my foot. I had climbed a tree to eat the jamun fruit. But the branch broke and I fell down. My foot still hurts in winter.

While grazing our goats we often got busy in playing. Once at the age of 10 years I got a big scolding — I had lost one goat! At the age of 15 years I was married. My husband was much older than me. My first daughter was born three years after my marriage. Later I had three more children when I was 20, 22 and 24 years old. Time passed very fast then. I was busy with my farm, housework and looking after my animals. But at the age of 35 years my world came to a stop. My husband fell ill and died. His brothers tried to take away our farm. They beat me badly and said I was a witch! Some good people saved me. We fought a case against those who beat me up. At the age of 40 years I saw a police station for the first time. When I was 45 I learnt to read and write. 2 years later I got my eldest daughter married. Now I am 50 years old. I enjoy playing with my grandchild. Two of my children are studying in school.

Some things that happened in her life are given below. Mark these on her time line. For example, when she was 5 years old Pedki broke her foot. A is marked at 5 on the time line.
A. Broke her foot
B. Lost one goat
C. Got married
D. Had her fourth child
E. First saw a police station
F. Learnt to read and write
G. Eldest daughter got married

  • Mark on the time line when she was born.

  • In the blank box draw a picture of Pedki as a new born baby.

  • Make your own time line. Ask people around you and mark at least one thing that happened in each year of your life.

  • Make time lines of people you admire. These can be from among your family, friends, teachers, etc.

One Day in the Life of Kusum

Let's see what Kusum does every day. Write down the time for each picture. For some pictures the time is already written and you must draw the hands on the clock. In others you have to write the time shown by the clock.

Now prepare a chart showing your own daily routine.

Time of the Day$

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