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Bholu and the Footprints

One day some baby animals were playing on a muddy road in a jungle.

All of a sudden an elephant shouted – Run! Run! Go to your homes.

Bholu is coming to shoot with his camera.

So, all the baby animals ran away.

figure 1

When Bholu came with his camera, all he saw was the footprints of these animals.

figure 2

  • Can you match the animals with their footprints?
  • Draw the footprints of a dog in this box.

figure 3

  • Make the footprint of your friend on the floor. Is it smaller than yours?

Trace and Guess

  • Ron is tracing a leaf. You also collect a few things like leaves, pebbles, a stick, a bangle, bindis. Trace each thing here.

figure 4

Roohi made two different traces of the same bowl.

figure 5

  • How did Roohi keep the bowl to get two different traces from it?
  • Look for other things like Roohi's bowl which can give many different traces.

Do at Home

On a newspaper trace the hands of different people in your family. Ask your friends to guess which trace is of your hand, your mother's, your father's, etc.

Read and Draw

Tamanna and her mother are sitting on chairs.

Tamanna is reading a story book.

Her mother is reading a newspaper.

Tamanna and her mother are sitting on the opposite sides of a table.

Draw the missing things in the picture.

figure 6

Children may use different perspectives to draw. For instance, some will try to show the table from the top but might show all its legs too, while some might make only two legs. Leave it to them to draw the shapes as they visualise them. Teachers could use different drawings to discuss about shapes and also how they look different from different sides.

More Fun with Tracing

  • Collect some things, such as — a potato, a bottle cap, a matchbox cover, a sharpener, an eraser, a spoon, a bus ticket, a coin, a straw. You can also bring other things.
  • Trace each of these. Ask your friends to guess.

figure 7

figure 8

  • Look at the shape of each trace you have made. See if it looks like any of the shapes given here. Write the name of the thing below the shape.

figure 9

Help children look at the differences and similarities in the shapes which have come up after tracing. What is similar in the shapes — for instance, between a box and an eraser? These have been placed in the same column. Encourage children to name as many shapes as they can. We need to help the usage of words such as circle, square, rectangle, etc., so that these become a part of the child's vocabulary.

Tarani's Shapes

Tarani made a picture using different shapes.

figure 10

Look at Tarani's picture and tell.

How many

How many

How many

How many

  • Now you make your own picture using different shapes like

figure 11

  • Make a drawing using only

    figure 12

Dressing Up Bisania

Bisania wants to dress up for a dance. Use different shapes in the box and draw jewellery on her.

figure 13

Shapes and Faces

  • Draw glasses of shape on the first face.
  • Draw a moustache of shape on the second face.
  • Draw a mouth on the third face.
  • Draw a face in the last picture.

figure 14

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