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6. Fun with Give and Take

Cricket Match

In a cricket match, Sri Lanka made 235 runs.
India has made 123 runs. How many more runs does India need to win?
To win India must make 236 runs. Runs India needs to win:

236 - 123 = ?

Try it Yourself

Geeta had Rs 368 in her purse.
She bought a book for Rs 123.
How much money is left in her purse?
Money left in her purse is Rs 368 - Rs 123 = ?

Can You Help Nabeela?

Nabeela's mother sent her to the market to buy some things.
She gave her Rs 245. Nabeela bought 1 kg ghee for Rs 127. The shopkeeper gave her back Rs 98.(Kilogram is written as kg.)
Did the shopkeeper give her the right amount?

Let's find out.

The shopkeeper had to give Nabeela Rs 118.

How much more money should the shopkeeper give Nabeela?
  • Baby tortoise is 33 years old. Mummy tortoise is 150 years old. How much younger is Baby tortoise than Mummy tortoise?
    Age of Mummy tortoise: 150 years
    Age of Baby tortoise: 33 years

    Baby tortoise is 117 years younger than Mummy tortoise.

  • Arvind has read 69 pages of a story book. Gouri has read 95 pages of that story book. Who has read more pages and how many more?

    Teachers should motivate students to decide which operation they have to use to solve a problem.More such exercises can be given where students decide the appropriate operation.

  • Reena noted the electricity meter readings of her house. Last month's reading was 118 units.
    This month's reading is 193 units. How much electricity did she use in one month?

    This month's reading

    Last month's reading

  • She used units of electricity.

  • Khushboo bought a shirt for Rs 125 and trousers for Rs 165.How much money did she spend altogether?

    Bought a shirt for Rs

    Bought trousers for Rs

  • She spent Rsaltogether.

  • Solve the following:

  • Check your answers yourself:

    Check Rashi's subtraction using addition. Give her a 3 for every right answer.

  • Fill in the missing numbers in the coloured boxes.

The teacher should encourage students to discuss and correct the wrong answers. Children love to correct others' mistakes (for a change!) and also learn from this process.

Let's Deliver Letters

Postman Uncle is ill today. Let's deliver the letters for him.

Write the correct room numbers on the letters. Then find the rooms in the above building and circle them.

Make a circle on room 455.

The teacher should encourage students to solve the problems mentally using the above chart.

Find the Missing numbers

Look at the number patterns. Write the missing numbers.

  • 100, 200, 300, ,, 600,.

  • 50, 100, 150, 200,, ,,.

  • 280, 260, 240,, ,,.

  • 125, 150, 175, 200,,250, ,.

Mental Maths

  • Indu's pencil is 15 cm long. Jyoti's pencil is 8 cm long. Whose pencil is longer? How much longer?

  • Ask your Papa or Mummy
    Price of 1 kilo salt -
    Price of 1 kilo sugar -
    Which one is more costly?
    How much more does it cost?

  • Ajay cooked chapatis in 25 minutes. Then he made daal in 15 minutes. How much time did he take to cook both things?

  • Chanchal sells school sweaters. In 2 days she sold some red, blue and grey coloured sweaters.




    Sweaters sold on first day




    Sweaters sold on second day




    Look at the above and answer the following:

    • How many grey sweaters did Chanchal sell in 2 days?

    • Did she sell more red sweaters than blue sweaters in 2 days?

    • How many red and grey sweaters did she sell on the first day - more than 120 or less than 120? Tick ( 3 ) the right answer.

      more than 120

      less than 120

    • How many sweaters in all did she sell on the second day - more than 140 or less than 140? Tick ( 3 ) the right answer.

      more than 140

      less than 140

  • Is Sangeeta right?

    Sangeeta went to the market with her grandpa.

    She looked at the prices and said to her grandpa -

    • Ghee is Rs 102 rupees costlier than biscuits True False

    • ) Price of oil and ghee altogether is more than Rs 200.True False

    • Price of ghee and 10 kg rice is less than Rs 300.True False

    • ) Oil costs Rs 40 more than a pack of biscuits.True False

    Is Sangeeta right? Mark ( 3 ) or ( × ) in the box.

    Can you find this without using paper and pencil?

Story Problems

Nisha and Sonu were making story problems. Nisha said - 13 boys and 14 girls in a class. Sonu, can you make a problem on it?

Sonu wrote

There are 13 boys and 14 girls in a class.

How many students are there altogether?

You can also make story problems with your friends. Look at each picture and the words next to it. Write your problem below it.

  • 36 men and 52 women waiting for their turn

  • We have our mid-day meal in 20 minutes and play for 15 minutes.

  • The post office is 1 kilometre from Shahid's home and 2 kilometres from his school.

  • Bunty has read 27 books and Babli has read 34 books.


Count to Subtract!

Dolma bought 4 dozen (48) bananas and gave one to each of her friends. 13 bananas were left. How many friends got a banana?

As you know, this can be found by counting forward from 13. It is easier to count in jumps of 10. You can also use Kittu's home shown on page 29 to solve these problems.

48 - 13

10 + 10 + 10 + 5 = 35

So    48 - 13 = 35

  • 56 - 37 =
    10 + 10 + 1 = So,    56 - 37 =

  • 60 - 45 =
    5 + 10 = So,    60 - 45 =

  • 80 - 59 =
    ++ =

  • So,    80 - 59 =

  • 63 - 85 =

  • 84 - 69 =

  • 60 - 20 =

  • 59 - 50 =

All the King's Horses....

Once there was a king who could count only up to 9. Up to what number can you count?
The king loved horses. But he could never count all of them. He kept them in such a way that he needed to count only up to 9 from each side.

How many horses in all did the king have?.

One day a visitor with 4 horses came there. It was getting dark so he wanted to stay there at night. But the horse-keeper was scared.
If the king saw these extra horses he would be very angry! The visitor said - do not worry. The king will never know. So he arranged the horses like this:

How many horses are there now?

At night the king came to count the horses. Along each side he counted 9 horses. Ah! That's fine - he said. Then he happily went to sleep.
In the morning the clever visitor tried another trick. He took out his own 4 horses. But he also ran away with some of the king's horses. He left the king's horses standing in this way.

The silly king did not find any horse missing. Can you help him?

How many horses are now left?

How many of the king's horses were taken away?

          (Based on a Tamil folk story from the book "Numeracy Counts!")

What numbers are we?
If you add us both you get 100.
The difference between us is also 100.

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