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1. Shapes and Space

1. Shapes and Space

Inside – Outside

The and his
It was a cold winter day. The was travelling on the back.
At night, the pitched his tent and went inside it. The was outside.

Bigger - Smaller

Tick the Bigger
Tick the Smaller
Tick the Smaller tyre

Biggest Smallest

Tick the Smallest tree
Tick the biggest animal
Tick the smallest fruit , Tick the biggest bubble

Top - Bottom


Nearer - Farther

Tick the bird nearer to home
Tick the cat farther from the tree

Nearest - Farthest

Tick the puppy farthest from the tree
Tick the tree nearest to the bird

On - Under

Above - Below

Shapes around Us

Put the shapes in the pink and yellow boxes by drawing a line.


Sort shapes by joining with similar shapes.

Rolling Sliding

Tick the objects that will roll
Tick the objects that will slide

Wise Grandmother

Once there was a lamb going to see his grandmother.
On the way through the jungle he met a wolf.
When he was about to return, he told the grandmother about the wolf.
The grandmother gave him an idea.
The grandmother rolled the dholak on the road.
The lamb saw the wolf waiting for him.
The wolf grew suspicious and started running behind the dholak.
Before the wolf would catch him, the lamb reached home and was thankful to his grandmother.


Match the shapes of same sizes.
Match the same shapes.
Colour the smallest shape.
Join the similar shapes.

Make similar figures using the shape kit given at the back of this book.

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