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Lines and Lines

Lines and Lines

Whose Line is It?

Today, there is a cricket match in Fatima's school. Fatima, Jasbir and Raima have each brought their own stump from home.
They keep these in a corner of the room.
Fatima keeps her stump in standing position.

figure 1

Jasbir keeps his stump in slanting position.

figure 2

Raima keeps her stump in sleeping position.

figure 3

To show others how they have kept their stumps, they draw lines in a notebook.

Fatima draws a standing line.
Jasbir draws a slanting line.
Raima draws a sleeping line.
Match the picture of each child with the correct line.

figure 4

Here are some standing lines, slanting lines and sleeping lines. Now draw some more such lines.

figure 5

Ekta's lines are not straight. These are curved.
Draw more curved lines by joining the dots.

figure 6

Fun with Lines

Jigyasa has a clock. She can read the time written in numbers and also the day of the week. The numbers and letters are made with straight lines.

figure 7

Jigyasa made more numbers and letters with used matchsticks.

figure 8
  • Collect used matchsticks. Have fun making numbers and letters with these.
  • Is there any number or letter that you cannot make with matchsticks?

  • figure 9
  • Now write some numbers using straight lines.

  • figure 10
  • What about writing letters using straight lines? Which ones are easy?
  • Find out where else numbers and letters are written with straight lines.

  • figure 11

Dancing Lines

Remya saw a traffic policeman giving directions to vehicles.

figure 12
  • Does a traffic policeman sometimes make curved lines?

Remya tried to act like a traffic policeman. She made many straight and curved lines. It was fun. It looked like dance.
Try the dance steps given below and enjoy like Remya.

figure 13

Several classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Odissi use geometrical movements. Children can be encouraged to look for different lines or shapes in pictures or T.V. programmes.

Designs with Dots

Join the dots with curved or straight lines.
Make your own designs.

figure 14

Lines in Pictures

Nancy saw these pictures made by folk artists.

  • Look for different types of lines — curved, standing, slanting and sleeping.

  • figure 15
  • Draw some more pictures like these.

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