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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable javascript?
For Enabling and Disabling Javascript : Click Here or can go to google help .
How to enable the java in the web Browser?
Here is the link :- Link
Are the Classes free?
Yes the course is completely free for everyone.
Will i get any benefit after completing the course?
This content is basically aligned to enrich the students learning experience. As such you will not get any preference anywhere for studying this content.
Are there any age restrictions accessing the content?
No, absolutely not.
What is Translator, Reviewer, Publisher ?
Translator - In this the person will help in translating the content in various languages.
Reviewer- The role of this person is to review the translated content and to check if the translated content is translated correctly and is free from any lexical errors and forward the content for further publication.
Publisher- This is a person who finally publishes the person after verifying the content.
How to create a new account?
Click on the Signup link given on the main page for signing up the site.
What does "choose language" signify on sign up page?
This is the language the user wants to view his site in.
Will i get any benefit after becoming a translator, reviewer or publisher?
The name will appear in every page you contributed and it will be surely appreciated.
Can i choose more than 1 topic i am interested in ?
Yes, surely you can choose more than one topic and help in enriching the content.
What is this topic in the Signup field?
This is the topic you want to help us in either in translating, reviewing o in publishing.
Can i download the content?
The content is freely available for everyone to downlaod and study.
Can i contribute in the content?
Yes, you can surely contribute in the content by sending the applets , translated content or any of your valuable suggestions.
How to change the language of the content to be viewed?
There is drop down list at the top of the page to change the language to be viewed in.
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