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  Title Level
  Physical and chemical changes  more Bhavya Dwivedi 6
  Understanding Fabric, yarn and fibre  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Understanding Fabric, yarn and fibre  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Weaving  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Making Fabric from fibre  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Ginning  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Spinning  more Srividhya Venugopalan 6
  Strength of fibre  more Srividhya Venugopalan 8
  Characteristics of Synthetic Fibers  more Srividhya Venugopalan 8
  How Plastics are made  more Srividhya Venugopalan 8
  Types of Plastic  more Srividhya Venugopalan 8
  Plastics and environment  more Srividhya Venugopalan 8
  Reaction with oxygen  more Ajay Anand 9
  States of Matters  more Sachin Sable 9
  How small are these particles of matter  more Sumanthkumar Mora 9
  Particles of matter are continuously moving  more Kaushik Bhagwatkar 9
  What is a saturated solution  more Kaushik Bhagwatkar 9
  Changes of State  more Sachin Sable 9
  Matter is made up of particles  more Ankit Kumar 9
  How can we separate a mixture of two immiscible liquids?  more Ankit Kumar 9
  Is the dye in black ink a single colour?  more Shraiya Malik 9
  Sublimation  more Saatvik Shah 9
  What is a solution  more Saatvik Shah 9
  What is a colloidal solution  more Saatvik Shah 9
  How can we obtain colored component (dye) from blue/ black ink?  more Sudheer Macherla 9
  How small are these particles of matter?  more Harsh Sharma 9
  What is a suspension  more Kripal Gaurav 9

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